Green Network, a sustainable Blockchain Ecosystem

Building the first zero-carbon ecosystem

A sustainable solution to current ecosystems, being the first decentralized blockchain network with zero carbon emissions.

Zero-carbon emissions
100% Renewable

Carbon Free Blockchain

Green Network, will be the first zero-carbon Blockchain

Energy Solutions

We are committed to the tokenization of renewable energy and other solutions.

Energy Certifications

Blockchain Energy Certifications, transparent and decentralized.

Commitment of the institutions

GreenAir is promoted together with government institutions.

Building a zero-carbon Blockchain ecosystem

Green Network will be a decentralized ecosystem that is committed to zero emissions and a decentralized renewable energy transition.

Blockchain Layer 2 zero-carbon

Green Network will be the first zero-carbon Blockchain

Renewable energy solutions

In Green Network, companies, developers and institutions will be able to build web3.0 solutions in a sustainable way

Annual CO2 emissions

36.440 million
metric tons

59,9 million
metric tons

16,6 million
metric tons

0 CO2 emissions

Source:, November 6, 2021

Discover our Roadmap

Q4 2021

-Creation of the GreenAir ecosystem and establishment of the core of the team.

-Crowdfunding campaign (early access)

-Creation in an existing Blockchain (Binance Smart Chain - BEP20) of the GREEN token.

-Private sale

-Elaboration of Backend systems as well as administrative, legal and fiscal systems for the launch of the token

-Marketing campaign

-List of GREEN token on DEX exchanges

Q1 2022

-Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

-Staking program with GREEN

-Presentation of strategic partners

-GREEN transparency portal

-Launch of Ambassadors platform

-Mobile app for GREEN token balance

-CEX Listing

Q2 2022

-Start of development of the native GreenAir Blockchain

-Development of a GreenAir Home prototype

-Establishment of agreements with institutions and governments

Q3 2022

-Implementation of the GreenAir voting and governance system

-Distribution of GREEN to the world's leading ecological personalities and institutions.

Created by specialists with experience in the Blockchain industry.


GreenAir is a decentralized ecosystem that solves two problems: the current energy expenditure in the process of mining cryptocurrencies and derivatives and the adverse effects of climate change. All this through its different devices powered by solar energy. It will also feature other areas such as a pollutant swap, tokenized carbon credits and more applications along the roadmap.

The different devices are currently under development. They will allow cryptocurrency mining, NFT's mining and many other applications, starting from a chip, and an integrated solar panel.

Mainly recycled aluminum will be used. Aluminum is a material that can be easily recycled, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and preserving natural resources. Plastics will be avoided as far as possible.

Since these are in development, we cannot determine the final price with certainty. Current devices that have the necessary technology to clean the air are between 200 and 700 euros. Our device will include the Green Chip, so it will surely increase a bit more. In addition, the different devices can only be purchased with our $ GREEN token.

Our initial idea was simply to develop a solar panel and a mining chip. With this, a large amount of Co2 generated by miners who consume an immense energy expenditure caused by the devices involved in the operation of the network, to make the calculations that validate the transactions, would no longer be emitted. If we finally get the product out without a fan it would be a 90% success. But if we can also clean the air, we will not only clean our carbon footprint, we will reduce much more CO2 than can be generated with the process.

Green will be a decentralized ecosystem that will solve the current problem of energy consumption in the process of mining cryptocurrencies and derivatives. From its solar-powered devices, it will be possible to mine other cryptocurrencies, mint NFT's and much more with its integrated chip in the device. Connection to the electricity grid is not allowed, it will only work with your solar panel, which is the only way to guarantee that it is 100% renewable energy. And as an additional point, with the energy left over from the solar panel, the fans integrated in the devices will clean the pollutants from the air.
The Green token will be used as a payment method, devices can only be purchased through $GREEN, and it will have many other applications in the future: Staking, tokenized carbon credits, pollutant exchange...

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