GreenAir Home®

Join to the change

The innovative device that uses renewable energy to clean air pollution and obtain tokens. #CleanYourWorld

Reduce air pollution

Our devices are designed to cleaning CO2 from air.

Green & Clean transition

We are sure that the transition from new energies must be renewable.

Benefits for contributing

By joining our network of "Green Cleaners" you will receive $GREEN

Commitment of institutions

$GREEN is powered thanks to contributions from institutions


The first sustainable & eco-friendly mining system

The current mining system of the most prominent crypto projects is very damaging to the planet's environment, with the excessive use of non-renewable energies. 

Contribute to the green transition by eliminating CO2 emissions

All our devices are powered by solar energy.

Get $GREEN for the amount of C02 cleaned

From our rewards for mining our devices.

GreenAir Home®

A sophisticated design & architecture that with the latest technology will clean the air in your home of pollutants

Solar Panel

The device works only with solar energy.

Breathe Clean Air

GreenAir Home renews the air in your home in a sustainable way.

Innovative solution

Use nanotechnology components to clean CO2 from air.


Obtain $GREEN tokens

Receive tokens in your wallet for contributing.

Active device

Connects with your control panel in mobile or desktop computer.

help yourself and others

Your clean air will be our clean air. We can work together to have a better planet.

Founded by specialists with experience in the Blockchain industry

Discover our Roadmap

Q4 2021
GreenAir Crowfounding
Fundraising campaign to pre-reserve tokens.
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Token Presale
GreenAir token private sale.
Q1 2022
Q1 2022
Token Public sale
Launch of the token that supports the Green ecosystem to enhance its activity.
Q1 2022
Q1 2022
Listing in DEX Exchanges
Listing of $GREEN token on decentralized platforms for its commercialization.
Q1 2022
Q1 2022
GreenAir chip manufacturing with solar panel
Q1 2022
GreenAir Home Beta testing
Testing process for GreenAir Home devices.
Launch of our GreenAir Home device

Frequently Asked Questions

GreenAir is a decentralised ecosystem that solves two problems: the current energy waste in the mining process of cryptocurrencies and derivatives and the adverse effects of climate change. All this through its different devices powered by solar energy. It will also feature other areas such as a pollutant swap, tokenised carbon credits and more applications along the roadmap.

The different devices are currently under development. They will enable cryptocurrency mining, NFT minting and many more applications, based on a chip, and an integrated solar panel.

Mainly recycled aluminium will be used. Aluminium is a material that can be easily recycled, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and preserving natural resources. Plastics will be avoided as far as possible.

As the devices are still under development, we cannot determine the final price with certainty. Current devices with the necessary technology to clean the air cost between 200 and 700 euros. Our device will include the Green Chip, so it will probably go up a little more. In addition, the different devices can only be purchased with our $GREEN token.

Currently, in 2021, there is no simple process that can be done, although tests have been done that convert CO2 + water into methane, and although methane would be a fuel, we would not be able to store it.
We are developing and researching viable alternatives for 2025. We have a professional from the chemical industry in the team (in the process of expanding) and we hope that in the next few years a solution to this problem can be found.
However, if we can do the mining with solar energy and clean the air (with current technology this is already possible) it will already be a success. We are working to ensure that the device does not need filters that require replacement, which can generate waste.

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Our initial idea was simply to develop a solar panel and a mining chip. This would stop the emission of a large amount of Co2 generated by the miners, who consume a huge amount of energy, caused by the devices involved in the operation of the network, to make the calculations that validate the transactions. If we finally get the product without a fan, it would be a 90% success. But if we make it so that it can also clean the air, we will not only clean up our carbon footprint, we will reduce much more CO2 than can be generated by the process.

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We estimate to launch the Presale by the end of the year, we want to be the first token of 2022. Once the Presale is done, we will send you an email to transfer the amount + the % of advantage for entering before the equivalent in GREEN in your wallet.

The GreenAir development team is made up of experts in different fields (engineers, chemists, Blockchain experts, who complement each other), for example: Pablo Gómez, founder of and José Luis Martir, computer engineer, founder of
It is a project for everyone, not just the creators, you can actively participate. The team is in the process of expanding before the Presale, we are currently accepting requests for ambassadors. If you have a large community or if you think you can bring value to the project, you can request a petition via email:

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Green will be a decentralised ecosystem that will solve the current problem of energy consumption in the mining process of cryptocurrencies and derivatives. From its solar-powered devices, it will be possible to mine other cryptocurrencies, mine NFT's and much more with its chip integrated in the device. It is not allowed to be connected to the electricity grid, it will only work with its solar panel which is the only way to guarantee that it is 100% renewable energy. And as an additional point, with the energy left over from the solar panel, the fans integrated in the devices will clean the pollutants in the air.
The Green token will be used as a payment method, the devices can only be purchased through $GREEN, and it will have many other applications in the future: tokenised carbon credits, pollutant exchange...